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Welcome to Africa Adventure Travel Drums, introducing must see destinations, things to do and interesting facts about travelling Southern Africa.

Southern Africa has it all, abundant wildlife, beautiful beaches, year-round sunshine as well as superb facilities for holiday, adventure and sport. 

Come and enjoy this great region!


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Say "HELLO" in Southern Africa!




Setswana: DUMELA  MMA/RRA (to female/male)



South Sotho: LUMELA



Damara/Nama: !GAI//OAS and Herero / Himba: TJKE

South Africa

Zulu: SAWUBONA and Xhosa: MOLO and Ndebele: SALIBONANI



Say HELLO in Southern Africa

Must SEE and DO in:


Botswana - Okavango Delta Safari

The Okavango Delta is a very large inland delta formed where the Okavango River reaches a trough in the central part of the Kalahari basin. All the water reaching the delta is ultimately evaporated and does not flow into any ocean.

During the dry winter months, the delta swells to three times its permanent size, attracting animals from miles away and creating one of Africa’s greatest concentrations of wildlife.

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Lesotho - High Altitude Pony Trekking

The Maloti and Drakensberg Mountains in the small kingdom of Lesotho are up to 3700 meters high with numerous canyons, waterfalls and pinnacles. The Zulu call these mountains "Wall of Barricades". Here, pony trekking is not just an invention for tourists, but a piece of everyday life.

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Namibia - Oldest Desert in the World

The Namib Desert is the oldest desert in the world and has one of the most hostile landscapes you can find. Hence the designation Namib means "Empty Space" and "place where there is nothing." It is literally "bone dry" here. 

Some animals and plants have managed to settle in this harsh habitat and it is no wonder that specialized life forms evolved which are unique in the world, such as the Welwitschia Mirabilis that can be seen in the Namib-Naukluft National Park.

Namib Desert

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South Africa - The World in One Country

South Africa's unparalleled variety of landscapes, wildlife and cultures is the reason why it is also referred to as the "Rainbow Country" and "The World in One Country".

Many tourist attractions, breathtaking landscapes and a wide range of activities compete for the attention of every traveller and there's something for everyone! Let yourself be enchanted by this country, it will not let you out of its spell!

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Cape Town - South Africa

Swaziland - Culture Rich Monarchy

Despite being one of the few remaining monarchies in Africa and one of the smallest countries in the southern hemisphere, Swaziland more than makes up for its lack of size with a hugely diverse range of attractions and activities.

The rich culture is deeply engrained in all aspects of Swazi life and the overwhelming friendliness of the people makes all visitors feel truly welcome ensuring an unforgettable experience. 

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