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Holiday in Northern Zululand

Activities & Adventures in Northern Zululand


Accommodation in Northern Zululand

Accommodation Northern Zululand and Natal Battlefields, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

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Northern Zululand & Battlefields

Steeped in history in a land of natural beauty, you will find the Battlefields of the northern parts of the Zululand and kingdom. There are over 60 battle sites and places of historical interest, which attract both local and international visitors.

It is difficult to imagine that the picturesque and calm landscape of central and northern KwaZulu-Natal was once the focal point of some of the fiercest conflicts between Zulu, Briton and Boer. Over a span of 70 years, Dingane, Shaka, Piet Retief and Winston Churchill were names synonymous in battles fought against the backdrop of the African Veld and the majestic Drakensberg Mountains.

Cattle farming and coal mining form the mainstay of the economy in this region with the major industrial town being Newcastle. The renowned Amajuba Birding Meander will introduce you to rare bird species, there are wonderful golf courses for the pro in training and the adrenaline junkie can enjoy bush trails in 4x4 vehicles or abseil amidst breathtaking scenery.

Towns, historical buildings, battle sights and memorials in the Battlefields region all have a fascinating tale to narrate, an event to honour or a passionate memory to recall. The people are friendly and the towns along the way each have a distinct style and offer wonderful accommodation as well as entertainment.

Northern Zululand & Battlefields - Map

Northern Zululand & Battlefields Map, South Africa

 Eastern South Africa - Climate

Eastern South Africa Climate

The Eastern Regions receive approximately 500mm of rainfall and over 3000 sunshine hours each year.

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