The Huguenot Memorial Monument

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Huguenot Memorial Monument, attractions in Franschhoek


The Huguenot Memorial Monument in Franschhoek – South Africa’s French Corner –, where almost everything has a French name and origin, was inaugurated in 1948 to honour the influence of the French in South Africa. The French Huguenots immigrated to South Africa to escape religious persecution in Europe and mainly arrived at the Cape between 1687 and 1689. This elegant and religiously-inspired monument displays a historic French character and is definitely worth a visit. The religious freedom is symbolised by a female character, standing on top of a globe, holding in her one hand a bible and in the other hand a broken chain. Enjoy a great picnic in the beautiful wildflower garden around the monument or take a walk down the main street to visit one of the great restaurants. Some local wine farms are not far away to complete your French experience in South Africa.

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